Concept/ Introduction

  • Facilitate access to information and services for persons with disabilities through vulnerable focal points
  • Stockpiling / pre-positioning of assistive devices/mobility aids
  • Setting up of ‘Step Down Care Facilities’ in or near hub and satellite hospitals including open space
  • Referral linkages with hub and satellite hospital networks; specialized rehabilitation service providers, community based rehabilitation; and social protection agencies
Health Emergency as a cycle
Health Emergency as a cycle

First National Conference on Post-hospital Care for emergencies in Nepal

25 – 26 October 2018/ 8 – 9 Kartik 2075, Kathmandu, Nepal

Welcome and Objective:
Chuda Mani Bhandari, Chief HEDMU/HEOC:

  • Shared the objectives of two days National conference on Post-Hospital care in Nepal.
  • Nepal Swasthya Chetra Runaniti 2072-2077 B.S
  • Brief & background of HEOC, it’s function & role in disaster management cycle
  • Bipad Jokhim Nunikaran & bewasthapan Ain 2074 (Disaster risk reduction & Management Act – 2074 B.S)
  • Five core function of HEOC (Management, Operation, Planning, Logistic, Finance/ Administration)
  • Need of contingency plan at different levels : Provincial, district, municipality, hospital, health facilities level
  • As per information, in general province has allocated 3-50% of the budget for Disaster & Emergency.
fig: Inaugural by Hon State Minister of Ministry of Health and Population Dr Surendra Kumar Yadav
fig: Welcome Remarks by Chuda Mani Bhandari, Chief, HEDMU/ HEOC

Declaration from first National Conference on Post hospital care for emergencies in Nepal