Ministry of Health and Population Organogram

Health Emergency and Disaster Management Unit

Terms of Reference (ToR) (EN)
  1. To work as a secretariat of Ministry of Health and Population during health emergencies and disasters
  2. To work with the National Disaster Management Center under the Ministry of Home Affairs and other related bodies as a health sector center point.
  3. During health emergencies and disasters; coordination with the DoHS & Divisions/ Centers for emergency medical team and rapid response.
  4. To work as a central communication body with the provincial and local level during health emergencies and disaster.
  5. Operate necessary assistance by coordinating with the affiliated international bodies, non-governmental organizations and organizations during emergency and disasters.
  6. Necessary coordination with the Hub and satellite hospital networks to facilitate service during emergencies and disasters.
  7. Collect, maintain databases or data relevant to health disaster.
  8. To coordinate with the National Disease Control Center/ DoHS (NHTC) for Standard /Criteria and capacity development.