Health Cluster

Cluster Approach in Nepal

When emergencies occur coordination is necessary. Good coordination means less gaps and overlaps in the assistance delivered by humanitarian organizations.

Cluster Approach in Nepal, during health emergency and disaster management in Nepal

Fig: Cluster Leads and Co_Leads

Cluster activation, Partners and Coordination

HEOC has been entitled to act as secretariat of MoHP during health and nutrition cluster activation at the time of emergencies. HEOC coordinates with different line ministers,  stakeholders, hub and satellite hospital networks, PHEOCs, key health partners and EDPs for coordinated response activities. HEOC also maintains 3Ws (Who, What, Where) and 4Ws (Who, What, Where, When) matrices to minimize gaps and overlaps during humanitarian/ emergency response.


After initiation of health and/or nutrition clusters, through the cluster approach, HEOC helps in inclusion of key humanitarian partners, establishing and maintaining appropriate humanitarian coordination mechanisms, coordinating with national and local authorities and other stakeholders, and practicing participatory and community-based approaches. Advocacy, along with needs assessment and analyses, are also prioritized through coordination.