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Coordination and information management becomes a major challenge in the event of or immediately following a large scale disaster in Nepal. To address this issue, Ministry of Health and Population (MoHP), in 2012, decided to establish HEOC within the MoHP premises.

HEOC will operate under Secretary and function as a secretariat of Ministry of Health and Population during health emergencies and disasters; also act as a high level operational center for the MoHP’s various divisions, such as Department of Health Services particularly Epidemiology and Disease Control Division. The HEOC operates and function as a high level operational command center for the MoHP. The center hosts necessary resources and data for effective coordination of response in emergencies. During emergency, the center functions 24/7 with trained and dedicated staff. It is equipped with communication and information management infrastructure including landline, cellular and satellite telephones, internet, radio frequency based wireless sets; television, computers etc

Health Emergency Disaster Management Unit

(Health Emergency Operation Center)